Skyros - Explore Skyros island - Stay in Perigiali Hotel


Skyros is one of the most beautiful and unique islands in all of Greece.

It is home to some wonderful resorts, beautiful beaches and lots of interesting places to visit and explore.

Below you will find lots of useful information for your holidays and travels to Skyros.

Skyros Island

The beautiful Greek island of Skyros is part of the chain of islands known as the Sporades, and is located in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

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Travelling to Skyros Island

You can travel to the island of Skyros by ferry boat or by airplane. Below you will find information about travelling to Skyros.

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Magazia Beach

Enjoy the soft sand, the clear and clean crystal waters of the Aegean where children and adults can enjoy leisure and fun in a perfect beach setting.

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The Famous Skyrian Horses

All over Greece in the ancient years were horses similar to those of the ponies of Skyros. Horses, very similar to those found on Skyros, were depicted on the frieze of the Parthenon temple in Athens.

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Skyrian gastronomy

The Skyrian traditional cuisine is rich and interesting. Boasting fresh ingredients, palatability, nutritional value and wisdom of traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

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