Our philosophy - Perigiali Hotel in Skyros island, Greece

Our philosophy

hotel in skyros - Perigiali hotel
hotel in skyros - Perigiali hotel

“We don’t just hand a key; we offer a deliberated experience”

We, in “Perigiali Hotel”, carrying more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality field, we focus on our guests by placing ourselves in their position in order to meet their expectations. In a fast-paced society, vacations are precious, and we value that.
That’s why we take care that every guest enjoys a calm and pleasant stay away from everyday life problems.
We aim in the constant upgrade of our services for your satisfaction.

About us

“Perigiali” has started as a small family hotel business of 11 rooms in 1994.
Thanks to the hard effort of its founders and despite its limited strength, it was quickly distinguished for its service quality.
Besides, many guests come from all around the globe every year at “Perigiali”, sure about the hospitality experience that is offered.
Expansion plans were quickly scheduled.
With careful planning and firm steps, the new annexe opened its doors in 2010, upgrading in that way its quality of service and amenities and increasing its number of rooms by 16.
Followed by several renovation of the first annexe, “Perigiali Hotel” with 27 rooms, stands now among one of the most trustworthy hotels of Skyros.

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The location of Perigiali Hotel in Skyros is ideal for easy access to the beach. Perigiali Hotel consists of 27 rooms and is open all year round. For more information about our rooms, studios and apartments do not hesitate to contact us.

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