Gastronomy of Skyros - Perigiali Hotel in Skyros Greece


The Skyrian traditional cuisine is rich and interesting.

Boasting fresh ingredients, palatability, nutritional value and wisdom of traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation.

It is based on the traditional Greek and Aegean cuisine, with regional dishes from ingredients produced on the island.

Local produce

Skyros is famous for its fresh fish, seafood, lobster, etc. prepared and cooked in the moment with special recipes.

Livestock and dairy products are also well known for its quality and taste.

Restaurants and taverns cook delicious lamb chops, lamb and goat braised or baked, local sausages, kontosouvli, gardoumpes, intestines.

From cheese stands out graviera, with the spicy taste, fresh and dry cheese and ksinotyri, beautiful white soft cheese from goat’s milk with a slightly sour taste and texture of yoghurt.

Renowned are the local pies:

– Oil pie, made with dough fluffy and served with Skyrian cheese.
– Teropitaria (frumenty, rice and cheese)
– Trachanopites, custard, ricepies.

Other characteristic traditional dishes of skyrian cuisine:

-Agalipokeftedes Made by agalipes,a kind of sea anemones,
-Rooster with red sauce,
-Taftitsa A kind of local mushrooms fried and served with garlic.
-Manites, mushrooms which are collected from the forest and eaten grilled
-Fava With fennel
-Sweet and sour frumenty

Greek Breakfast

Every morning from 7.30am to 10.30am you will find fresh bread with homemade marmelades and Skyrian honey available in our breakfast area.

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