COVID-19 measures - Perigiali Hotel | Skyros Greece
Our measures to protect you


We have taken the necessary measures to protect you and our staff, in order to provide you with a safe and calm stay during those special circumstances. We are in line with the instructions given by the Greek authorities and we have taken extra measures in each segment of our hotel for your protection.

health first

Regarding the rooms and linen cleanliness, except for our already meticulous cleaning procedures :

-The rooms are disinfected after the departure of each of our guests with the fogging disinfection system

-Extra cleaning is performed with our steam vacuum cleaners, in order to ensure that every space of the room has been properly cleaned.

-The cleaning staff enters the room by wearing necessary protection equipment (mask & gloves).

-Linen and towels are washed at 70 oC.

-The bags that transfer the linen and towels for washing are disinfected after each use.

Regarding our reception,

It remains one of the most important parts of our hotel, as thanks to it we come closer to you and we offer you our hospitality services. The measures we have taken do not aim in reducing the interaction with you, but in reducing physical contact. That’s why:


-There has been applied an e-check-in procedure to limit physical contact with our staff. Furthermore, overcrowding will be avoided by indicating outdoor waiting spaces.

-A sneeze guard construction separates our desk from the guest.

-The rooms’ keys will be let in a special box upon departure and will be disinfected afterwards.

-Our staff wears personal protective equipment.

Regarding our food and drinks services (bar, cafeteria, breakfast):

-During our rich buffet breakfast time, every morning our staff will be there to serve you the food and drinks that you choose without coming in contact with the buffet.

-All dishes are washed in the dishwasher at 60 oC.

-Chairs, tables and sunbeds have been placed according to the instructed distances.

-When a guest leaves a chair and table, we disinfect the space.

-Our staff wears masks.

-You may find antiseptic dispensers throughout our spaces.

-All current HACCP sanitary protocols are applied

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